Dun Transportation and Stringing, Inc. has a reputation in the industry for providing new and innovative solutions to the changing needs of pipelining.

Dun Transportation Trucks


We have a modern fleet of 100% company owned Mack and Freightliner Trucks specifically designed and built to our specifications to provide the safest and most efficient way to handle pipe for our clients. Doing so, allows us to handle any project size in any location. All of our trucks and equipment are fully inspected and maintained to the highest standards on a regular basis.

Dun Transportation Pole Trailers


The majority of the pipe we handle is hauled on our industry first self-steering pole trailers. Dun pioneered the fabrication and use of self-steering pole trailers as a way to haul pipe safely down the highway and in rural areas where the work space and condition of the roads is limited. Our trailers allow us to have maneuverability that you do not get with straight trailers.

Dun Transportation Equipment


Providing another industry first, Dun began using the Vaculift and immediately saw the benefits of a safer more efficient way to handle pipe of any size and any coating. We have 46 company owned vacs that are constantly updated and maintained to provide the best service. Vacuworx Global, who produces 100% of our lifts, often relies on us to R & D new models and asks for our assistance in making the perfect machine.

Dun Transportation OFF ROAD EQUIPMENT


We have an extensive list of modern and company owned heavy equipment that is utilized in pipe yards, rail sidings, ship yards and ROWs all over the country. We have partnerships with many of the best manufacturers of heavy equipment to insure we have the most state of the art equipment on site at each location.

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